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Quality Legal Services

The criminal justice system places a terrible weight on those who are arrested and charged. It is natural to want a highly experienced criminal defense attorney at your side to protect your rights.

At Groshek Law PA, we represent every client we accept to the best of our ability. We do not offer half-measures or limited services. Many of our clients are facing years or decades in prison. The reality is that our cases require us to invest enormous time and resources. Criminal cases are unpredictable. It is difficult if not impossible to know where a case will lead, or when it will end, at the outset.

For that reason, we are not able to offer pro bono (free) legal representation. There are resources available for clients who cannot afford to pay for a criminal defense lawyer. If you are looking for legal advice, but are not in a position to pay for it, please consider the following organizations:


At Groshek Law PA, each client is viewed as an individual, not a legal problem.


We start with a proactive approach through mutual education.


We expect the unexpected, so we are always prepared.


Our attorneys adhere to the Highest Professional Standard.

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