Criminal Defense Against Computer And Internet Cybercrime

Efforts at the state and federal level to fight internet crimes continue to be stepped up amid stories of child pornography, identity theft, credit card fraud and prostitution. While the penalties attached to internet crimes can be severe, there are defenses that can challenge evidence submitted by prosecutors, as well as extenuating circumstances that may be instrumental in achieving a reduced sentence if you are convicted of an internet crime.

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Experienced Representation With Computer Crimes Cases

Our internet crime lawyers have extensive experience defending clients against charges stemming from internet crimes. We can represent you in cases involving a variety of internet crimes such as:

Depending on the factors present in your case, the actions of police investigators and other law enforcement officers could have a huge impact on evidence the prosecution is allowed to use against you. If you were trapped in a police sting operation, drawn into a chat room or were emailed child pornography, for example, the actions of investigators may be just as important to your case as your own actions.

Guidance With Sentencing Issues

Every computer and internet crime charge needs to be taken seriously, as the chance remains that the judge will take certain factors and extenuating circumstances into consideration during the sentencing phase of your trial. Our attorneys consult with a variety of experts, including psychologists and counselors when a history of abuse, addiction or mental illness is present. If you do not have a prior criminal record, these extenuating circumstances and factors could result in a less severe sentence.

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