What can trigger a CHIPS case

Physical and sexual abuse are typically what people think about when they hear about a Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) case being opened up against them or someone they know. Many people are surprised to hear that these cases can be opened for a number of reasons that do not include direct abuse.


CHIPS cases can arise from neglect. This could include the child living in unsanitary conditions if the house is not kept clean enough to ensure a safe environment. It can also include leaving a child alone for extended periods of time or leaving a small child alone in a car.

Drugs, Alcohol, Truancy & Domestic Incidents

Other ways a person can be investigated by CPS and possibly have a CHIPS case started against them include drug use, having a child in the car while driving intoxicated, allowing a child to repeatedly be truant or tardy to school, or having a child present in the home during a domestic incident between partners, even if the child is not awake for it.

What Happens Once A CHIPS Case Is Opened?

Once a petition has been filed and the proceedings have been begun, the child may be temporarily removed from the home for a 72 hour hold until an emergency placement hearing can be conducted. The outcome of this hearing will determine if the children will be able to remain in-home during the proceedings.

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