Why Hire Us: We Devote Three Attorneys To Every Client

The Groshek Method

GROSHEK LAW PA is a client-centered law firm. When you hire GROSHEK LAW PA, we devote three highly skilled attorneys to every client and every case. This includes:


The Managing Attorney

This attorney will supervise your case and consult with your Case Manager as needed to develop strategies and solutions specifically tailored to your case.


The Case Manager

This attorney is your Attorney of Record who will manage all aspects of your case including communication, strategy and litigation. This attorney will staff your case with the team and consult with the Managing Attorney as necessary.


The Legal Research Attorney

This attorney thoroughly researches legal precedents in order to identify facts and past judgments that best support your case.

The Benefits

We have developed our own method to approaching law, now coined as The Groshek Method. The Groshek Method embodies our firm’s core values:

1. GROSHEK LAW PA is always proactive: We don’t wait, we take action! We always anticipate and out think the other side.

2. GROSHEK LAW PA is always prepared: We won’t be surprised, we will be two steps ahead.

3. GROSHEK LAW PA is professional: We deliver professional legal services because that’s who we are and our clients deserve the best.

The End Result

Our core values, proactive, prepared and professional, deliver great outcomes for our clients. GROSHEK LAW PA endures the test of time by doing the right thing, which produces lawyers and professionals who love their jobs. This in turn allows us to deliver stellar results for our clients who then spread the word to others in need of legal representation.

It all comes full circle, and it all starts with a passion to serve our client.


Cycle diagram of steps in The Groshek Method


The circle starts with a client in need; then GROSHEK LAW PA devotes three attorneys to every client every case. Each team of attorneys is proactive, prepared and professional so the client gets stellar results and spreads the word.

To have a team of three attorneys working on your legal matter and to experience the Groshek Method for yourself, call 612-426-7047 and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Why Hire Us?

At Groshek Law PA, each client is viewed as an individual, not a legal problem.


We start with a proactive approach through mutual education.


We expect the unexpected, so we are always prepared.


Our attorneys adhere to the Highest Professional Standard.