Assisting Juveniles With Criminal Defense Issues

In juvenile cases, a different set of court procedures will apply, namely the Minnesota Rules of Juvenile Procedure. In these matters, it is important to choose a lawyer who has expertise in both juvenile court and adult criminal court.

At GROSHEK LAW PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Christa Groshek and her team are experienced in both the adult and juvenile justice systems. She understands the unique needs of minors and how to protect their rights in juvenile court. Call GROSHEK LAW PA today at 612-426-7047.

Experienced Juvenile Delinquency Defense

The attorneys at GROSHEK LAW PA have extensive criminal defense experience trying cases before judges and juries in courts throughout Minnesota. They have defended juveniles against a variety of criminal charges, including:

Children Being Tried As An Adult in Juvenile Court

In addition to juvenile criminal law procedures, Christa Groshek and her team of attorneys understand the nuances associated with Adult certification and EJJ (extended juvenile jurisdiction) cases. If a child under the age of 18 is accused of a serious felony crime, he or she may face certification into adult criminal court or EJJ prosecution.

If we don’t agree with the state’s recommendations, we are skilled at arguing for a different solution and steering a case into delinquency rather than EJJ or adult certification.

GROSHEK LAW PA fights to protect children against being charged as an adult or under EJJ. They understand the resources and programs available to children who have been charged with crimes, and they will work with the state and the judge to develop a program that is best suited to the needs of the minor. Ultimately, their goal is to do what it takes to give their clients the best chance for a successful future.

Protecting The Public Records Of Juveniles

Many lawyers do not realize that even if a felony charge against a juvenile over the age of 16 is negotiated down, it will still be a matter of public record. The only way to prevent this is to prevent felony charges from being brought. The attorneys at GROSHEK LAW PA understand this and negotiate on their clients’ behalf to restore confidentiality, protecting juveniles from having their adjudication remain in the public eye.

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