Prenuptial Statistics

Millions of younger couples are embracing prenuptial agreements. In fact, Prenups have seen a 62% increase in recent years. And while nobody plans to divorce, these safety Nets mean a fraction of the stress. Groshek law, PA.


People might think a prenup will doom their marriage. But these arrangements can actually help couples. A prenup can create transparency and peace-of-mind for both people in a couple. A message from Groshek Law.


Prenups aren’t just for property distribution. They can also provide for children from previous relationships, propose settlements for potential disagreements, and protect spouses from each other’s debts. We can help couples prepare for the future. Groshek Law. Proactive. Prepared. Professional.


Many couples shy away from the idea of a prenup. After all, who wants to think about their marriage ending? But signing a prenup isn’t a bad omen — it’s a way for couples to protect their interests and their future.

Centering child interests

Summer Vacation

Children often run from one activity to the next during summer vacation. Flexible scheduling can help Co parents maintain quality time with the kids while also providing new experiences. Groshek law, PA.

Parenting Plan

My kids are one of the most important parts of my life… And I wanted a parenting plan that supported them after my divorce. Getting legal advice was one way for me to create a plan that meets my kids’ needs. Groshek Law PA.

Child Neglect

Tina feared her husband made their son feel small. But her emotional pleas couldn’t convince a court to remove his parental rights, so he worked on improving their relationship after the divorce. Groshek Law PA.

Healthcare Fraud FAQ

Nursing Board Factors

Nurses accused of misconduct may face the state board. The board will consider several factors such as patient complaints, mental health, office policies, drug use, and criminal history. We work to find evidence that can protect a license. Groshek Law.

Nursing License Defense

I worked hard to get here. Suddenly I risked losing my license. Everything I’ve achieved could have been taken away based on the board’s recommendations. But I got some serious legal help. The team at Groshek Law defends Minnesota nurses.

Teachers, Nurses, Realtors Licenses

Many professionals such as teachers, nurses, and real estate agents require a professional license for work. An accusation of malpractice can lead to disqualifications and license revocation. At Groshek Law P.A., we aggressively defend professionals and help protect their futures.

Child’s Criminal Charge FAQ

Diversion Program FAQ

Groshek Method

Juvenile mistakes

Computer Crimes

Computer competency is mandatory for college students these days, but sometimes kids get accused of making poor choices with their skills and need a criminal defense attorney to help them fight allegations. Groshek Law, PA litigates cases like these.

College Crimes

As kids grow, so do their problems. Common charges during college include underage drinking, drug possession or sexual assault. But one accusation shouldn’t ruin a young person’s life. We fight to protect their future Groshek Law PA.

College Criminal Charges

It’s a reality that when kids leave for college, they’re probably going to get in trouble eventually. If that happens, draft a hard hitting defensive line that will overcome adversity and keep the future bright.

College Serious Charges

It’s a reality that when kids leave for college, they tend to get in trouble. One serious charge can cost financial aid, student housing, or even enrollment. But defense is always possible. Groshek Law PA will defend an otherwise bright future.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

Prostitution Charge Defenses FAQ

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