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There are roughly 30 million small businesses operating in the United States. These businesses employ around half of working Americans. The issues faced by small-business owners have a profound effect on the Minnesota economy. At GROSHEK LAW PA, in Minneapolis, we serve small businesses in several ways, including providing guidance around the tax laws specific to smaller enterprises.

What Kinds Of Criminal Charges Can I Face in Tax Law Cases?

If you are like most business owners, tax law is not your area of expertise. Learning new skills and stretching your limits is part of running a business, but when it comes to taxes, the penalties for a mistake can be severe. The wrong tax approach can be the death of your business. It can even threaten your freedom. Mistakes that can lead to criminal charges include:

  • Failure to file a tax return
  • Underreporting business income
  • Failing to report business income
  • Taking improper or excessive deductions
  • Misreporting off-shore investments or income

The problem for many business owners is that they don’t realize when they’ve crossed the line from tax strategy to tax fraud. The result can be criminal charges in state or federal court.

Addressing Tax Law Mistakes

Our firm has extensive experience and skill in helping small-business owners minimize the damage of tax law mistakes. We defend Minnesota small businesses against criminal charges through strong negotiation and courtroom representation, when necessary. Our goal will be to protect you and your business from the consequences of a tax law violation.

Avoiding Tax Crimes

In addition to representing small businesses accused of tax crimes, we can help uncertain business owners avoid trouble in the first place. We can advise you as to the legality of a proposed tax strategy and ensure that you don’t run afoul of the state or federal tax laws.

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If you have any concerns about potential tax law violations related to your small business, the time to act is now. Every day that passes without you taking control of the situation increases the chances that you will face harsh penalties. To discuss your situation, call us today at 612-426-7047 for a confidential consultation. Our attorneys are here to help. You can also contact a lawyer online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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