GROSHEK LAW PA: A Great Track Record Of Success

Positive results for clients are the best testimonial to the high-quality criminal defense of GROSHEK LAW PA. As a diligent criminal defender and experienced trial lawyer, Christa Groshek is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for each and every client. The success stories below are just a few examples of recent cases handled by GROSHEK LAW PA. Contact us today to find out how we can be helpful to your situation.


Tried a 2 week criminal sexual conduct trial in Grand Marais.  The case was hotly contested, but Groshek Law presented an expert from New York state that explained the tainted investigation to the jurors who agreed when they acquitted our client of all counts

Jury verdict: Not guilty


Groshek Law won an appeal of an Order for Protection that was issued in error.  Groshek Law argued that the district court judge was wrong on the law and the Court of Appeals agreed.  The opinion is published- which only occurs for important and precedential cases.

Won Appeal


Ten felony charges of possessing child pornography were filed against a 35-year-old Pine Island Man after sexually explicit images were discovered on his phone. The ages of the individuals in the images were suspected to be between 12 and 17. The case was dismissed due to the inability to verify the individuals’ ages.

Case dismissed after motion filed


Wife of client claimed physical abuse by the client during their marriage. The wife admitted during the trial that she still loved the client and fabricated allegations because he was cheating on her and eventually married the other woman. She testified this “broke her heart.”

Jury verdict: Not guilty


Client was a passenger in a motor vehicle that police stopped for a routine traffic violation. Defense attorney Christa Groshek made a motion to dismiss on the grounds that the client’s constitutional rights were violated when he was searched without probable cause following the tow of the car. The court dismissed the case, ruling that methamphetamine found in the client’s pocket was inadmissible due to the illegally obtained evidence.

Pretrial ruling: Case dismissed


Client charged with macing a police officer. Officer testified at trial that client “maliciously interfered with an arrest.” Client testified that he was trying to help officer subdue person who was resisting arrest.

Jury verdict: Not guilty


Client was driving on Interstate 94 during the winter. Conditions were cold with clear roads. A large accident scene appeared suddenly ahead, with a tractor-trailer jackknifed in the road and half a dozen other cars already in the ditch. Client’s car spun partly out of control because of “black ice,” but client managed to maneuver around and through the accident scene, hitting no other cars, but ended up in the ditch. Officer saw client go into ditch, approached client with gun drawn and ticketed him for careless driving.

Jury verdict: Not guilty


Police responded to reports of shots fired in north Minneapolis and within minutes stopped the vehicle in which the client was a passenger. They found a gun under the passenger seat and accused the client, who was the passenger, of possessing the gun. The client testified that the driver of the car threw the gun at him when police stopped the car. Client did not want to possess the gun, so he threw it under his seat.

Jury verdict: Not guilty

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