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Are you facing a divorce or breakup of a long-term relationship? Does an ex-spouse or partner want to move out of state with your children? Do you want to resolve your family law matter quickly, efficiently and with the least stress for you and your children? If you are facing a family issue in Minnesota, you’ve come to the right website.

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Our Minneapolis family law attorneys offer many services, including those related to:

  • Divorce: We realize that the divorce process is not easy. Our goal is to obtain the best result possible while being considerate of your time and your finances. With years of experience handling high-asset divorces, our lawyers will guide you through every step of the process, including post-decree modifications if needed at a later date.
  • Child custody: Custody of their children is one of the most hotly contested issues when parents divorce. Divorcing parents and unmarried couples with children should try to consider what is best for their children, despite the differences they have with each other. It is possible for both parents to have an equal say in almost every child-rearing issue like where the children will live, who makes medical decisions and where they attend school.
  • Spousal support: Most divorcing couples would like to maintain the standard of living they had during the marriage. Whether you are paying or receiving alimony or support, we will advocate for your best interest.
  • Property division: We take the time and hire the best experts to value your marital property. Knowing which property is and is not part of the marital estate is crucial before making any decisions about dividing up assets.
  • Child support: Issues of child support are generally governed by law. The statutes set support guidelines based on income and other factors. However, our lawyers know how to work within the guidelines to help you obtain the best outcome. We will also help you enforce court orders if you are not receiving the support you deserve.
  • Orders of protection: In situations where a spouse or child lives in fear of domestic violence, an order of protection can help provide protection.
  • Paternity: Paternity issues generally come up when an unwed father wishes to establish the paternity of his child or a mother wishes to establish paternity to obtain child support. Simply putting the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate does not legally establish parental rights or obligations.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Increasing in popularity and use, a prenuptial agreement can help protect you if your marriage ends in divorce. It is best to have an attorney draft and review any agreement you make to ensure that it is enforceable under Minnesota law.
  • Mediation: In family law cases, mediating your disputes with your spouse has many benefits. It is a much less expensive way to come to an agreement than going to court or trial. It is faster and less stressful for parents and children.

Some Common Questions From Our Past Family Law Clients

We have addressed many questions through years of helping families and individuals like you in challenging times. Below, we share some of the most common questions:

I have decided to get a divorce. Where should I start?

We highly suggest discussing your situation with a knowledgeable family law attorney to learn your options. Drawing on their experience, a lawyer will explain all potential scenarios based on your decisions, including custody, support and property division.

I’m not married to the mother of my child. Do I still have parental rights after separation?

According to Minnesota law, you have parental rights if you are your child’s legal father according to a court order or you signed a Recognition of Parentage (ROP). Otherwise, the law automatically grants the mother sole physical and legal custody of a child.

Will I be required to pay child support even when I don’t have sufficient resources to provide for my own needs?

Child support follows a set of rules based on each spouse’s earnings. If you do not have sufficient resources to provide for your own needs, you may not have to pay child support for a given period. However, a judge will make these decisions based on evidence.

My spouse wants to move out of Minnesota with my child. Can I do something to prevent this?

If your spouse is the custodial parent of your child, they still need your permission to move out of the state. If the spouse moves without your consent, you can file a motion to oppose your child’s relocation. A move-away case can end, for example, in fines or jail time for the parent who decided to move the child out of the state.

Can I keep the house even when it’s marital property?

Yes, you can keep the house through a marital lien. This refers to a deed through which both ex-spouses agree that one party pays the house’s value to the other on scheduled installments or in a lump sum.

Can a parent still demand parenting time after conviction due to domestic violence?

The answer depends on the child’s best interests, which a family judge will always consider to decide whether it is favorable to share time with a parent. However, you may want to have the guidance of a family attorney to discuss your options and explore all possible avenues to protect your child’s welfare.

What are the advantages of having a prenup?

A prenup is a well-defined plan of what will happen in the event of a divorce in terms of property, finances and other complex issues. It can make a separation or divorce easier because you already have specified the terms of the dissolution. You and your soon-to-be spouse can also agree on what will happen in the event of the death of one spouse.

How do I know if my divorce can go to mediation?

If you and your spouse are willing to negotiate the terms of your divorce, then you can consider mediation as an option. If your case involves a record of domestic abuse, you may be discouraged from using mediation.

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