When Federal Criminal Charges Threaten Your Reputation And Career

GROSHEK LAW PA defends the rights of Twin Cities residents who are charged with life-changing and career-ending federal crimes. We know the stakes involved for professionals whose reputations are at risk from serious fraud accusations alone. We have also been successful in obtaining variances and sentence departures without prison time.

Protecting Your Freedom And Your Future

Specific areas of our Minneapolis-based federal white collar crime criminal defense practice include:

  • Mortgage fraud – Criminal accusations can take various forms. Charges of fraud for property involve misrepresentation of income, employment, debt or appraisal. Industry professionals face federal prison sentences for falsifications of collateral, occupancy, down payments or property value.
  • Tax fraud – The IRS is a powerful entity that employs its vast resources searching for willful violation of the legal responsibility to pay taxes. Complex, financially related criminal tax fraud cases involve offshore accounts, money laundering and abusive tax shelters.
  • Embezzlement – Accusations of misappropriating entrusted assets is more than a violation of trust. Embezzlement could lead to incarceration in federal prison. Specific charges include records falsification, fraudulent billing and Ponzi schemes.
  • Money laundering – Law enforcement is determined to end the profitability of criminal behavior. Whether you face charges of disguising the ownership of criminally obtained profits or having knowledge of the actual source of funds, you face serious federal criminal penalties.
  • Identity theft and credit card fraud – Going beyond the actual theft of a credit card, innovative technology has increased the complexity of these crimes. You need an experienced attorney skilled in identify theft accusations. The consequences are severe if you are facing charges of obtaining goods with a stolen card or hacking data associated with the card.
  • Insurance fraud, including health care fraud – Reputations and careers are at stake when medical professionals are accused of illegal practices. Fraud can take the form of charging for services not provided or covered by insurance, waiving deductibles and co-payments, intentional misreporting of diagnoses or procedures, or falsely prescribing drugs.
  • Unemployment fraud – Convictions go beyond prison sentences and fines for withholding/falsifying information or continuing to collect benefits while working full time, part time or temporarily. Penalties for unemployment fraud also include ineligibility for future benefits and forfeiting tax refunds.
  • Workers’ compensation fraud – Specific criminal accusations of workers’ compensation fraud can involve employees making false injury claims, businesses illegally reducing owed premiums, doctors/clinics falsifying or inflating injuries, and lawyers/law firms filing bogus lawsuits.

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