Is Your Juvenile Child Charged With Domestic Assault?

Many accusations of assault against juveniles stem from incidents involving someone they are in a relationship with. Charges of juvenile domestic assault are serious and can result in both short- and long-term damage to a juvenile’s reputation as well as a criminal record that can follow him or her into adulthood.

Defense lawyer Christa Groshek understands the complex procedures applied to domestic assault cases in juvenile court. These cases can result in adult charges because of extended juvenile jurisdiction (EJJ) or adult certification. Christa understands the unique needs of minors and how to protect them from the negative effects of these charges.

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Providing Skilled Domestic Violence Defense Assistance In Minneapolis

Assault is a serious charge for juveniles and can result in a public record that can have a lasting effect on their reputation. Even if a felony assault charge for a juvenile over the age of 16 is negotiated down to a misdemeanor, it will still be a matter of public record. Christa understands all aspects of the juvenile justice system and works hard to make sure that juvenile confidentiality is restored to avoid long-term damage from an assault charge.

Adult Assault Charges

In some situations, a prosecutor will pursue trying the case under EJJ, leaving a juvenile facing juvenile and adult charges. A juvenile charged with assault could also face certification into adult criminal court. Christa will fight to protect your child and ensure that his or her case is handled in the juvenile courts, where it belongs.

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