Arrested On Suspicion Of Burglary? Under Age 21?

When a juvenile is accused of burglary, he or she is at risk of facing confinement in a juvenile detention facility. Or, depending on the severity of the crime, he or she may be charged as an adult via extended juvenile jurisdiction (EJJ) or adult certification.

If your child is facing burglary charges, it is important to have an attorney who fully appreciates the differences between adult and juvenile court.

Criminal defense lawyer Christa Groshek is experienced in both the adult and juvenile justice systems. She understands the unique needs of minors and how to protect their rights in juvenile court.

Providing A Juvenile Burglary Defense In Minneapolis

Like all theft crimes, a burglary conviction comes with a social stigma that can make it difficult to find employment, gain admission to college or qualify for educational loans. Christa Groshek understands how troubling this is and seeks outcomes that protect her clients from legal consequences as well as societal consequences.

Many lawyers do not realize that even if a felony charge for a juvenile over the age of 16 is negotiated down, it will still be a matter of public record. Christa understands this and negotiates on her clients’ behalf to restore confidentiality, protecting juveniles from having their conviction remain in the public eye.

Adult Charges For Burglary

Particularly when other factors are in play, such as a record or burglary in connection with a violent crime such as sexual assault, juveniles can be charged as adults. Christa Groshek understands the nuances associated with adult certification and EJJ cases. If a child under the age of 18 is accused of committing a serious felony crime, he or she may face certification into adult criminal court or EJJ prosecution. Attorney Groshek will fight to protect your child against being charged as an adult or under EJJ.

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