Defending Juveniles Charged With Violent Crimes In Minneapolis

A juvenile charged with a violent crime faces daunting circumstances, including the possibility of being charged as an adult and being sentenced to prison. If your child is facing these charges, it is crucial to seek the counsel of an attorney who fully appreciates the complexities of the juvenile justice system.

At GROSHEK LAW PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Christa Groshek is experienced in both the adult and juvenile justice systems. She understands the unique needs of minors and how to protect their rights in juvenile court.

Experienced Criminal Defense Assistance For Juveniles

Whether you are facing legal proceedings in juvenile court or the prosecution is planning on pursuing extended juvenile jurisdiction (EJJ) or adult certification, you need to fight aggressively to clear your name. We work hard to minimize the impact of violent crimes charges against juveniles, including:

  • Juvenile robbery
  • Juvenile burglary
  • Juvenile criminal sexual conduct
  • Juvenile domestic assault

These are serious charges that all present the possibility of being charged as an adult and being sentenced to prison. Ms. Groshek understands the unique circumstances facing juveniles in these cases and has experience meeting the legal challenges to keep these cases in the juvenile court system.

Defend Your Rights | Skilled Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges for a violent crime, you need an attorney on your side who is experienced with defending juveniles charged with violent crimes. Call 612-426-7047 or send us an email to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers.

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