Defending People From Methamphetamine Crimes In Minnesota

Anyone convicted of the possession for sale or production of methamphetamines faces serious penalties, including significant prison time, in Minnesota. Having large amounts of the chemicals used in making meth, including over-the-counter cold medication, can result in a methamphetamines production charge. In addition, meth possession charges are often joined with other criminal offenses such as identity theft, environmental charges and child abuse.

At Groshek Law PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our criminal defense lawyers provide experienced drug possession defense for offenses involving methamphetamines. Our legal team defends clients throughout the Twin Cities against drug charges. We also help our clients obtain any counseling or treatment they need to deal with addiction issues.

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Our law firm handles drug cases involving methamphetamines, including such charges as:

  • Possession of methamphetamines for personal use
  • Possession of methamphetamines for sale or distribution
  • Trafficking and transportation of methamphetamines
  • Manufacture of methamphetamines, including operation of a meth lab

In every case, we will do the research to be sure that you were legally arrested and that any evidence used by law enforcement officials and/or prosecutors was properly obtained. If it is determined that law enforcement officials acted improperly, it may be possible to file motions to suppress the evidence and/or challenge the validity of the arrest.

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