Facing Drug Distribution Charges In Minnesota? We Can Help.

If you or your loved one is accused of distributing drugs in Minnesota, obtain experienced legal help. Drug distribution charges are considered felony offenses. The penalties can vary greatly based on the amount and type of drug being distributed. If you or your loved one has a prior criminal record, the penalties could become even stiffer. When the stakes are high, obtain experienced legal counsel.

At GROSHEK LAW PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our lawyers have extensive experience defending individuals suspected of committing drug offenses throughout the Twin Cities. We know how to stay ahead of the prosecution at every turn possible to defend your rights. If the charges cannot be dropped, we will negotiate with the prosecution to mitigate the potential damages you face.

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Defending Against Drug Distribution Charges In The Twin Cities

A drug charge does not automatically translate into a conviction. Attorney Christa Groshek is committed to defending your rights at every turn possible. She has a clear understanding of the criminal justice system, including the steps the prosecution will likely take in developing a case against you. Her role is to determine if the prosecution has a real case to suspect you of distributing illegal drugs, such as:

Part of her focus includes conducting a thorough investigation to uncover any procedural errors possibly made by the prosecution or violations of your constitutional rights. If law enforcement failed to obtain a search warrant or failed to act within the search warrant’s terms, she will fight for a dismissal.

Defense attorney Christa Groshek will also evaluate the credibility of the witnesses used against you. She will not hesitate to question the credibility of witnesses based on their criminal histories. Attorney Christa Groshek is highly effective at developing a strong defense focused on poking holes in the prosecution’s evidence. She will also conduct her own investigation and will not hesitate to fight for a dismissal of the drug charges based on a lack of evidence.

Mitigating Drug Distribution Penalties

Attorney Christa Groshek is not only an aggressive defense lawyer. She is also a smart defense attorney who knows the right time to start negotiating with the prosecution to try and reach a favorable resolution. She will apply the credibility she has gained in the criminal justice system to your benefit. She is fully prepared to negotiate for a reduced sentence based on no prior criminal history or any rehabilitation steps you have taken.

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Attorney Christa Groshek is a highly respected drug crime defense attorney. If you are suspected of committing drug distribution, you can rely on her to aggressively defend your rights at all levels of the state and federal court system.

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