Skilled Defense To Heroin Crime Charges In Minneapolis

In the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota, those who are caught possessing heroin, even a small quantity, face significant penalties. Depending on the nature of the arrest, a person may face additional charges for weapons violations or federal drug trafficking, which can increase the already severe consequences of jail time, fines and other penalties.

Lawyers at Groshek Law PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provide skilled and experienced defense tactics to cases involving heroin charges. Defending clients throughout the Twin Cities against a wide range of drug offenses, we are available to help you. Call us at 612-426-7047 if you have been arrested.

Heroin Trafficking And Possession Defense Strategies

Our legal team has a deep understanding of the procedures that police officers must follow when making arrests and gathering evidence. When law enforcement officials do not follow those procedures, it may be possible to challenge the admissibility of evidence that is obtained through illegal search and seizure. Our effective preparation and dedicated representation have won dismissals and acquittals for our clients facing a variety of serious drug crimes.

If the evidence against you is strong, our firm may be able to take advantage of alternative sentencing options, such as rehabilitation programs, to protect your record.

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If you or a loved one has been arrested on a drug charge involving heroin in the Twin Cities area, call Groshek Law PA at 612-426-7047 to schedule a consultation with an attorney. You may also connect with us online.

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