Are You Facing Drug Charges Involving Cocaine?

Drug charges involving cocaine are aggressively prosecuted in Minnesota. If you or a family member has been arrested for any type of cocaine charge, it is crucial that you contact an attorney who will protect your rights and be candid with you about your options. At Groshek Law PA, lawyer Christa Groshek provides aggressive defense for clients who are facing cocaine charges in the Twin Cities.

Although possession of small amounts of cocaine for personal use may not result in mandatory jail time, a conviction for cocaine possession will likely result in a felony on your record. At our firm, we will investigate the arrest and determine whether the evidence obtained against you was legally obtained. Christa uses strategies like these to mitigate the consequences of a cocaine charge, including cases of possession for sale or intent to distribute cocaine.

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Twin Cities Defense For Trafficking And Possession Of Cocaine

Attorney Christa Groshek defends people in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities who have been charged with:

  • Cocaine possession
  • Cocaine possession for sale
  • Cocaine distribution

Christa also defends people facing crack cocaine charges.

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