Helping Minnesota Mothers And Fathers With Issues Of Paternity

If a child is born to an unmarried mother, there is no legal father for purposes of recognizing a legal relationship. A legal relationship exists when the paternity of the child is established.

Paternity can be established in two ways:

  • Through a document called a “recognition of parentage” (ROP), which both parents must sign. This gives the father the right to go to court to request parenting time with his child and to seek custody. It does not give the father an immediate right to custody or visitation.
  • By a court order in a paternity action, at which a father may be granted visitation and custody rights. Either the mother or father can ask the court to order genetic testing. It also infers on him the responsibility for his child financially.

Establishing The Paternity Of Your Child

If you are seeking to establish paternity of your child, the experienced paternity lawyers at GROSHEK LAW PA in Minneapolis can help. We will assist you with getting the necessary DNA testing done if it hasn’t been done already. We will work with you and the mother of your child to create a parenting plan and to establish your share of child support.

Our lawyers have years of experience helping fathers assert their parental rights. Call 612-426-7047 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Filing A Case To Establish Paternity

If you are a man being sued for paternity to make you pay child support or you are a woman suing for child support from the father of your child, we can help you establish whether your case is valid and help you pursue release from the obligation or recognition of parental responsibility and financial support.

Once paternity is established, a mother has a right to support for:

  • Medical expenses incurred during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Continuing medical expenses
  • Day care
  • Child support

Once paternity is established, Minnesota law requires that the father be financially responsible for his child and that the mother give him equal parenting time with his child. Our attorney can help you set up a default plan so that if there is a falling-out between you and the other parent, no one is violating the other parent’s right to time with his or her child.

If there are criminal concerns in your background, our criminal defense division can help you handle those so there are no barriers to you seeing your child.

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