Skilled Assistance With LGBT Family Law Issues In Minnesota

Until recently, many same-sex couples entered into commitment ceremonies or other contractual kinds of relationships because marriage was not an option. Now Minnesota is a marriage equality state, and the law applies equally to all couples who are marrying, divorcing or separating. Just as each relationship is unique, so are the issues that arise when couples split.

However, many separating couples who have alternative, contractual types of arrangements still need to set up child support, custody and visitation schedules and agree on spousal support and division of assets and liabilities.

Almost universally, couples who are splitting up worry about three primary issues:

  • Custody and visitation when children are involved
  • How assets and liabilities will be divided
  • What do I do now?

At the Minneapolis law firm of GROSHEK LAW PA, our lawyers understand the difficult choices you must make. The process of doing what is best for you and your family in the separation or divorce process can take some time to work through.

As LGBT family law attorneys, we will help you from start to finish so that you are able to move forward with your life.

Helping You Decide Custody, Visitation And Property Division Issues

We will help you separate your life from your spouse or partner’s life and come to an agreement on support, custody and visitation. Each parent, regardless of whether you are a biological parent or an adoptive parent, needs to gather:

  • Detailed information on income and expenses
  • Financial reports of any business fully or partially owned
  • Documentation of all assets and liabilities, including housing, second and vacation homes, retirement accounts, investment accounts, properties and all debts
  • Information to establish a parenting plan such as time spent with children, types of activities and caregiving duties, and the role in the household

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At GROSHEK LAW PA, our goal is to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your family law matter. Let us guide you to solutions that work best for you and those you love as well as help you get on with your life.

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