Division Of Assets During Minnesota Divorces

If you and your spouse accumulated property during your marriage, the thought of dividing it between the two of you can be overwhelming. It must be done if you are obtaining a divorce, but the process can be difficult and valuing property is not always straightforward.

Dividing your joint assets and debts held either individually or jointly occurs at the time of separation or divorce. Regardless of whose name is on the deed or title of certain properties or assets, if the property was purchased during the course of the marriage, it is subject to division in a divorce agreement.

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Ensuring That You Receive Your Proper Share

At GROSHEK LAW PA, in Minneapolis, we have extensive experience identifying and assessing which marital property, assets and debts must be divided by the parties. We handle each of these matters with accuracy and a concern for fairness.

It is important to thoroughly assess and value all property, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, securities and investments. This should also include a valuation of retirement and pension accounts, in the future, at the date of separation, and on the date of the final decree. Depending on the circumstances, certain retirement accounts may require qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).

Other issues we will handle for you include:

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