Accused Of Workers’ Compensation Fraud In Minnesota?

Workers’ compensation benefits are in place to protect workers who are injured on the job or who become disabled as a result of work-related activities. When people who are able to work take advantage of this program, they are prosecuted aggressively as the government seeks to make an example out of them.

At GROSHEK LAW PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, attorney Christa Groshek views her clients as individuals, not legal problems. She provides vigorous defense against workers’ compensation fraud charges in the Twin Cities and is committed to minimizing the damages from this serious charge.

What Is Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

Defrauding the workers’ comp system is one of a number of white collar crimes in Minnesota. The most common form of workers’ compensation fraud is simply faking the injury or disability associated with a benefit claim. Other examples would be making a claim based on a nonwork-related injury or, on the employer side, failing to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Possible Penalties

In most workers’ compensation fraud cases, penalties can be reduced to probationary levels. However, the ramifications of a fraud conviction go far beyond the possible criminal penalties.

Fraud — at the state or federal level — is viewed as a crime of dishonesty, so it can be particularly damaging on employment background checks. Also, employers contribute money to the workers’ compensation insurance system, so having a workers’ compensation fraud conviction on your record could make it difficult to find gainful employment again.

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