Facing Allegations Of Federal Mortgage Fraud? We Can Help.

The fallout of the housing market has led to an increase in federal mortgage fraud allegations nationwide. Federal prosecutors in Minnesota aggressively pursue criminal charges against lenders, brokers, appraisers and real estate agents accused of illegal activity. If you are under investigation for committing mortgage fraud, obtain experienced legal help.

Federal prosecutors are known to try and pursue additional penalties by applying the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Federal sentencing guidelines can be applied against individuals suspected of committing illegal activities as a criminal enterprise.

At GROSHEK LAW PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our founding attorney, Christa Groshek, has the skills and legal resources to protect your constitutional rights. She has a firm understanding of how federal sentencing guidelines can be applied to mortgage fraud allegations. Her focus on early intervention can be invaluable in developing an aggressive defense, while mitigating any potential damages.

Defending Against Federal Mortgage Fraud Charges In Minneapolis

Attorney Christa Groshek has extensive experience defending clients in Minnesota accused of committing mortgage fraud at the federal and state level. She applies her firm understanding of the mortgage industry when defending lenders, brokers, appraisers and real estate agents accused of deceptive and illegal real estate practices, including:

  • Accepting kickbacks
  • Property flipping
  • Equity skimming
  • Inflating property values
  • Using false or stolen information

Mortgage fraud charges involve extensive paperwork. White collar defense attorney Christa Groshek has a strong background conducting thorough investigations focused on reviewing paper trails of evidence. She is fully prepared to show that you had no reason to think the mortgage information submitted was false and had no intent to commit a crime.

Part of her background includes working with real estate experts to conduct thorough investigations to try and uncover any favorable evidence. She is fully prepared to develop an aggressive defense showing that you made an innocent mistake without acting illegally. At every turn possible, she will stay ahead of the prosecution in an effort to aggressively protect your constitutional rights.

Seeking To Mitigate Any Potential Mortgage Fraud Penalties

If the allegation against you cannot be dropped, she will act quickly to negotiate for a reduction in penalties based on the minimal involvement you had with the illegal actions. Part of her background includes negotiating for a reduction based on the actual damages involved versus perceived losses.

Early intervention can be key in effectively resolving federal mortgage fraud allegations. Defense attorney Christa Groshek knows the right time to begin negotiating with prosecutors for a reduced sentence. Throughout the legal process, she is committed to portraying you as an individual, not as a professional criminal. Any efforts we can make showing you made an innocent mistake with no criminal intent can help reduce the penalties you face.

Contact A Highly Skilled Federal Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyer In Minnesota

Attorney Christa Groshek is a highly respected white collar criminal defense lawyer. If you are suspected of committing state or federal mortgage fraud, you can rely on her to aggressively defend your rights at all levels of the court system.

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