Defense Against Charges Involving Maltreatment Of Vulnerable Adults

If someone has accused you of maltreatment of a vulnerable adult, now is the time to speak with a lawyer. Whether you are a personal care assistant (PCA), counselor, case manager or registered nurse (RN), your job is at stake, and possibly your freedom. In addition to facing license revocation or loss of employment, you are vulnerable to criminal charges. Prosecutors can use anything you say — to investigators, social workers and even your employer’s attorney — to bring charges against you.

Don’t wait until it is too late to save your job and your future. When someone from the Department of Human Services (DHS) contacts you, speak with an attorney experienced in defending workers in both administrative hearings and criminal court in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities.

Defense Against Maltreatment Allegations Is Possible

The DHS approaches maltreatment cases aggressively, which may make you feel as though you have limited options. When you work with attorney Christa Groshek, you will learn quickly that there are defenses available to you, and that you may be able to avoid a criminal record and keep your license/keep working as a PCA, counselor, case manager, registered nurse or any other professional.

Your Employer’s Attorney Is Not Necessarily On Your Side

Many people make the mistake of believing that their employer’s attorney will be their attorney and help protect them against maltreatment allegations. Unfortunately, this is not true. Your employer’s attorney represents your employer. There may come a time when your employer points its finger at you to avoid implicating the business in the maltreatment. If you have confessed anything to your employer’s attorney, you may end up facing an uphill battle, including the potential for criminal allegations.

You are not protected in your conversations with your employer’s attorney. That is why having your own attorney is vital. Everything you say to attorney Christa Groshek and her legal team is confidential.

Defending You In Your DHS Or OAH Hearing

There are two types of hearings in maltreatment cases: DHS fair hearings and licensing hearings at the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). Both of these hearings are before administrative law judges and are similar to trials, but there are significant differences.

You will have a fair hearing before the DHS if you face maltreatment and disqualification determinations, but not licensing issues. If you are facing licensing issues, then you will need to appear before an OAH administrative law judge.

The Office of Administrative Hearings not only hears licensing cases, but also can hear maltreatment and disqualification issues. A hearing at OAH will involve a review of all your alleged violations, which can add up and influence the administrative law judge when he or she determines whether you committed maltreatment, whether you should be disqualified from working in your profession and/or whether you should lose your license.

No matter which process you face, it is essential for you to have an experienced attorney by your side. Attorney Christa Groshek has extensive experience representing clients in these processes. She understands the law, the defenses available and the implications of these hearings — and any ensuing criminal charges — to individuals like you.

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