Is Your Facility Facing Complaints? Let Us Help You.

When your group home, day care or another facility faces a complaint, it doesn’t have to mean the end to your business. Our founding attorney, Christa Groshek, has defended numerous Minnesota facilities and professionals facing investigations for alleged maltreatment, procedural issues and more.

Take action to keep your day care, home care or group home open and save your reputation. Call GROSHEK LAW PA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at 612-426-7047.

When Complaints Add Up

Facilities can face complaints for a wide range of perceived issues such as:

  • Not having the required number of people on staff
  • Not performing background checks
  • Not correctly documenting or following procedures such as procedures for medication dispensing and diapering
  • Not hosting tornado drills, not properly posting diapering and other routine procedures
  • Maltreating children or vulnerable adults

When facilities face one complaint, they often face many others. Unfortunately, administrative law judges are more apt to look at the aggregate than at each individual complaint. If, for example, you have a number of licensing violations, a judge may be more likely to believe a maltreatment complaint.

That is why it is very important to work with an attorney who has defended against facility complaints before the Department of Human Services (DHS) and Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

Bringing Your Best Defense To Protect Your Business

When there are complicated laws and procedural rules at play, a good defense is a creative defense. Attorney Christa Groshek not only understands the laws, but she also is a creative lawyer who will take a holistic approach to your case, protecting you from every angle possible. For example, if you need professional license defense, she may be able to request corrective action that will allow you to pay a civil penalty, take classes or request closer supervision rather than face license revocation.

Even if one of your employees caused someone harm and you face maltreatment, there may be defenses against both the administrative and criminal complaints your business faces.

Yet, the longer you wait to work with an attorney, the more risk you and your business face. As soon as you believe you are under investigation, talk to Christa Groshek and her legal team. Call 612-426-7047 or send an email to arrange a confidential consultation.

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