Protecting You And Your Children In CPS Investigations

Nothing feels more terrifying for a parent than the prospect of losing their child. If you have found yourself wrapped up in a difficult case involving Minnesota’s child protection system (CPS), you need the immediate help of an attorney to protect you rights as a parent.

This is where GROSHEK LAW PA comes in. Our lawyers represent parents, grandparents, stepparents and legal guardians throughout the Twin Cities metro area who face frightening challenges involving the family law or criminal law system.

What To Know About CPS In Minnesota

CPS is the department that handles cases involving the welfare and safety of children throughout the state. Some of the most common reasons why CPS may open a case or remove a child from their home include:

  • Failure to provide the child with clothing, food and shelter
  • Physical abuse
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Severe mental illness
  • Truancy or excessive tardiness from school

When CPS receives a report of suspected child abuse or neglect, it opens an investigation. If they do not believe the child is in danger, they close the investigation. If they do, they may file a Child in Need of Protected Services (CHIPS) case with the county child protection court to place the child with a relative or in foster care.

How Will This Affect My Custody Case?

An ongoing or past CPS case can affect a parent’s chances of getting physical custody. However, the court system tries whenever possible to reunite children with their biological parents. This may involve the use of resources, such as substance abuse counseling, anger management classes, parenting classes or economic assistance. To have the best chance of reuniting with your kids and avoiding criminal charges, you need representation from a team of strong family law attorneys like ours.

Get Help From A CPS Attorney In Minnesota Immediately

Even if the state removed your child from your home, do not panic. Please contact GROSHEK LAW PA immediately, and our team of family law and child custody attorneys will jump into action to help you and your kids. To schedule your consultation, please call us at 612-426-7047 or send us an email today.

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