Helping domestic violence victims with restraining order issues

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2015 | Domestic Violence

All sorts of things can be flying through a person’s mind after being exposed to domestic violence. For one, they may be incredibly worried about their own safety and the safety of their children and other members of their family. In such a stressful situation, a person could be tempted to dismiss legal matters as not being very important. However, taking appropriate legal action following a domestic violence incident can be a major part of keeping one’s own safety and the safety of one’s family protected.

One type of legal protection that is sometimes necessary to properly protect the safety of a domestic violence victim and their family is a restraining order. When placed on a domestic violence perpetrator, such an order restricts what the perpetrator can do. The specifics of these restrictions can vary significantly from order to order.

So, whether to file for a restraining order and what sorts of restrictions to request if filing for one are among the many very impactful legal matters that can come before a Minnesota domestic violence victim. Domestic violence attorneys can assist domestic abuse victims in addressing restraining order issues and other important legal matters related to their situation.

Here at Groshek Law PA, we are committed to helping domestic violence victims get the legal protection they need and providing them with caring and compassionate legal guidance during the difficult time they are going through. We work hard to understand our domestic violence clients’ situation so we can give them representation tailored to their particular needs.