Tips for presenting a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a primary source of protection for both parties involved. If you’re considering having a premarital agreement before you get married, you must focus on ensuring the prenuptial agreement is fair.

It’s possible that some people might be upset when they find out you want a prenuptial agreement. Instead of being upset, anyone presented with a prenup should realize that this can be a solid financial foundation. If you’re the one presenting the prenuptial agreement consider these tips:

Present the prenuptial agreement early

The prenuptial agreement must be presented well before the wedding. Signing one of these agreements can’t be done under coercion, which is what may be claimed if your betrothed is rushed. They need time to review the entire prenuptial agreement. 

Leave time for legal review

Both you and your future spouse should also have the agreement reviewed by an attorney. Each person must have a different attorney because sharing an attorney to review one of these agreements could lead to a claim of conflict of interest if the prenup comes into the picture because the relationship ends. 

Focus on the fairness of the agreement

When you begin talking about the premarital agreement, focus on showing your partner how it benefits them. You can do this by keeping things fair. Prenuptial agreements that favor one party over the other actually don’t provide much protection because the court can deem it invalid based on being unfair and one-sided.

As you discuss the prenuptial agreement with your future spouse, remember that this agreement isn’t an indication that either person thinks the marriage will fail. Instead, it’s a way to ensure you’re on the same page about finances.