How to handle car insurance after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2017 | Property Division

Minnesota couples who are getting a divorce may need to split up their car insurance as well. Usually, this involves one person having to purchase a new policy. That person will also need to be removed from the old policy, but this should not be done until the new policy is in place.

In order to get a new policy and have one person removed from the old policy, the two people will need to be living at separate addresses. They will also need to get separate vehicle titles.

A person cannot be removed from the insurance policy without consenting to it. Therefore, if one person is uncooperative, the easiest solution may be to leave that person on the policy and for the other one to sign the consent form. It is generally best to wait until the divorce is close to being finalized to get a new policy and cancel an old one.

The process of divorce itself, including property division, may also be less difficult if the spouses can cooperate. The couple might want to try to negotiate an agreement with the help of their respective attorneys. This may be possible even if there are many assets and the division of property is complex. For example, in a high-asset divorce, there might be real estate, collections of artwork, investments and even one or more businesses that need to be divided. Some people might agree to trading off certain assets rather than splitting them all in half. For example, one person might take a collection while another might keep the home. However, this should be done with a full understanding of the financial ramifications.