4 fun daycare activities

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2023 | Child Custody

When parents get divorced, they may both have decision-making power or legal custody. They have to work together to make important choices for their child. They also have to figure out a co-parenting schedule after the divorce.

Part of this process may include choosing a daycare. They want to know that their child is being well taken care of and that they are happy while they are apart, so these parents may look for a daycare that participates in the following activities:

  1. Reading together: Not only is reading aloud a fun way to pass the time and a form of enjoyable entertainment for the children, but it can also be very beneficial for their intellectual development.
  2. Drawing and tracing: Children are trying to learn how to draw, so it can be helpful to have them trace items like blocks or favorite toys. This helps develop their skills and they will be proud of the work they’ve done.
  3. Use building toys: Children often love creative building games, so toys like Legos or Duplos can be very fun for them.
  4. Do simple experiments: Experiments are fun for children as they like to investigate and learn about the world. But these experiments don’t have to be complicated. For instance, children may have fun weighing different toys or items at the daycare to see the difference in weight between each one.

Of course, choosing the proper daycare is only one step that co-parents have to take. There is also the chance that they will run into conflicts if they don’t agree on where their child should go to daycare, where they should attend school, what medical care they should get and much more. Parents need to understand their rights and work together to put their children’s best interests first.