Will joint custody benefit you?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorcing couples want to do what is best for their child. They want to choose options that will allow their child to adapt to their new life circumstances as easily as possible.

To that end, it is good to consider the possibility of joint custody. This option can benefit children in the aftermath of divorce and help them into adulthood.

Ways your child benefits

Psychology Today discusses observations about joint custody. Studies done over the years show time and again that children in these situations have an easier time making the adjustment to post-divorce life. They lash out at peers less and get into fewer arguments with authority figures.

They also tend to develop better coping mechanisms. They do not self-direct their negative emotions as often or as intensely. As adults, they struggle with fewer addiction problems. They also tend to have healthier relationships, especially in the romantic spectrum.

They also have fewer reported mental health issues. This includes lower rates of depression and anxiety, along with trauma or stressor-based disorders. Those who do report problems tend to suffer from a less severe form of these illnesses.

Why joint custody helps

Based on speculation, it is possible that the continued support and presence of both parents achieved through joint custody has a major impact on these results. In short, joint custody takes away many of a child’s primary concerns and fears about the future after divorce and allows them more stability with which to recover.

Families who can make joint custody work for them should consider it earnestly. After all, it is an option that may have great benefit for the children.