What is the review board process?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Professional License Revocation

Professionals from different backgrounds rely on licensures to remain legitimately employed and make a living in their fields. As a licensed professional, any accusation of misconduct can feel like a threat to your professional license.

In the event of misconduct accusations, most fields employ a review board designed to determine if enough ground exists for disciplinary action. When an individual files a professional complaint against you, the disciplinary review board process begins.

The accusation

Most occupational review boards handle professional complaints against an employee in the board’s respective sector. For example, the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board has an obligation to investigate any civilian or district misconduct accusations filed against an educator who the organization licensed.

The investigation

After the review board receives a complaint, the board typically allocates an individual to examine the matter. Depending on the occupational field, the assigned individual will obtain any necessary records, documents or other information to investigate the alleged misconduct.

Usually, those analyzing misconduct complaints must gather their findings within a specific time frame and ensure that a complaint contains all compulsory details for the review board process to proceed.

The decision

If the assigned individual finds sufficient support for the misconduct allegation, they must forward the complaint to an overseeing coordinator or committee. After, the coordinator or committee may conduct another investigation, suggest disciplinary action or settle the matter through other means.

While a professional misconduct complaint may feel like an attack on your character and professional competence, avoid any aggressive or panicked response to the complaint. By addressing the matter professionally, the board’s decision may come out in your favor.