Helping a spouse find work with a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Prenuptial Agreements

You have a well paying job and are looking to tie the knot with a new spouse. After your wedding, you probably plan on having children and are considering leaving your job so you can stay at home to care for your young ones. If so, this is a good time to think about how a prenuptial agreement could help you if your marriage falls apart.

While married, you may not worry about providing for yourself thanks to the income of your spouse. But if you get divorced, you might suddenly face a loss of support and substituting it probably will not come easy.

Issues with returning to work

If you earn a certain salary in your current field, you may expect that you can earn the same or similar amount if you return to the same field. According to Kiplinger, this may not be the case if you come back after a decade or longer out of the workforce. Changes in your industry may require different skills and knowledge by the time you try to find a job again.

This could put you in a difficult position if your marriage ends. If your skills are obsolete, you may only be eligible for lower paying jobs. You may need to go back to college or take up vocational training to make yourself marketable to higher paying employers again. Unfortunately, you might not have the financing to make this happen after a divorce.

Addressing job problems with a prenup

If you have not married yet, you have the opportunity to address issues with finding a job with a prenuptial agreement. You and your spouse to-be can work out a provision that gives you enough spousal support to live on in the event the two of you get divorced. You can also talk about how to finance vocational training should you need it.

Issues like these can be sensitive, but it is important to address them early on. You may find your prospective spouse will be eager to allay your fears and help your confidence by giving you what you need through a premarital document.