Should you talk to your family about your will?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Estate Planning

Minnesota residents like you put time and effort into building your estate. Likewise, you put the same amount of effort into crafting your estate plan so your beneficiaries can enjoy it after your death. 

But in the meantime, should you tell your family about your will? Is it important to lay out the details while alive, or does it make a difference either way? 

Why people dislike discussing their wills

CNBC discusses bringing up your will with your family. They state that it is of crucial importance to discuss your will with your beneficiaries. They acknowledge how difficult this is for many people. In fact, estate attorneys often have trouble getting their customers to discuss their estate plans with them. 

You may not like talking about it because it reminds you of your mortality. You might not want to disclose the information inside while still alive. You may even worry about how your beneficiaries will react. After all, relatives do not want to discuss the possibility of your death, either. 

Why you should do it anyway

But it is important to give your beneficiaries a heads up about what may happen next. After your death, they will go through the grieving process. Even pleasant surprises – such as large sums of money or assets – can throw them off in this fragile mental state. 

Beneficiaries may also resent you somewhat if they must track down your legal documents, checkbooks and so on after your passing. Organizing your affairs and letting your beneficiaries know about it is one surefire way to keep the process moving smoothly. After all, you want things to be as easy on your beneficiaries as possible and this is one way to do it.