Timing a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Divorce

Minnesota couples may find that their marital problems have become insurmountable. At that point, they may decide that it is best to divorce. One thing that they should be aware of, however, is that timing can be an important factor in whether a divorce is amicable or contentious. In many cases, both parties benefit when a divorce is amicable, particularly if there are children involved.

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for timing, but it is generally a good idea to avoid filing for divorce during the holidays or in their aftermath. Holidays can be stressful, particularly if one is caring for children who aren’t in school, in-laws, and the general disorganization of the season. Similarly, filing for divorce around the time of family celebrations, such as weddings and graduations, can be problematic and can create resentment not only in the other spouse, but in both adult and minor children as well.

In fact, taking time to carefully evaluate the divorce plan before going ahead with filing is often a good strategy. This allows people to allow their emotions to settle and to work with legal and financial professionals to develop a better understanding of the couple’s financial situation. For example, it may allow the divorcing spouse to review financial documents and accounts before the couple separates.

The end of a marriage can often be accompanied by both financial and emotional stress. Many people just want to get the process over with quickly so that they can move on, but their family law attorneys might warn them that this could result in agreeing to settlement terms that could be problematic to their future well-being.