Ex-husband of actress Jodie Sweetin files for child support

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | Child Support

Minnesota residents who follow celebrity news may be interested in learning that on Jan. 6, Jodie Sweetin’s third husband asked for more child support. He claimed that Sweetin’s income has increased since their divorce was finalized.

Sweetin and her third husband were married in 2012. They separated a year later but did not get divorced until September 2016. The former couple shares joint legal and physical custody of their 6-year-old daughter. When the two were divorced, Sweetin was ordered to pay her ex-husband $10,000 in addition to dividing up the income they both earned while together, though Sweetin was not ordered to pay child support. At the time, Sweetin claimed that she only made $4,000 a month.

Her ex-husband now claims that Sweetin makes at least $600,000 a year from her new show on Netflix and other endeavors. As such, he requested child support for his daughter. Additionally, he was seeking $7,500 to cover the cost of his legal fees and $5,000 for an accountant. He reportedly makes about $2,000 a month.

When there is a dispute over child support, it can be stressful for both parents to come to an agreement. If a parent learns that the other parent is suddenly earning more income, he or she may potentially seek to raise the amount of child support that is owed. A family law attorney may assist with determining if asking for more child support is what’s best for the child. If it is, a lawyer can assist with filing the proper paperwork, which may include both parents’ financial information and evidence that shows that the other parent’s income has increased.