What child support is for in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2016 | Divorce

While child support may help a parent cover the cost of raising a child, there are many costs that it may not cover. For instance, child support is not intended to pay for a babysitter for a young child or to pay for music lessons for a child to play on a select sports team. It also is generally not intended to pay for college, a car or wedding expenses.

It may also not cover costs associated with a child’s academic experience such as getting a tutor or buying a yearbook. Therefore, it may be in a parent’s best interest to think about these costs while negotiating a divorce settlement. It may be possible to ask the noncustodial parent to help with these costs as part of settlement negotiations. Otherwise, a parent may need to cover these costs on their own to provide their son or daughter with a fulfilling childhood.

Parents who are going through a divorce may wish to talk to an attorney to learn more about their rights during the process. It may be possible to learn more about how to get child support or what it may cover. Legal counsel may also be able to help an individual obtain spousal support, which may provide additional resources to help care for a child.

A custodial parent may be entitled to retain ownership of a family home or other assets that may help meet the best interest of the child. Staying in the same house or going to the same school may help a child adjust to the change in his or her life. Parents may also wish to consult with an attorney to resolve other divorce issues related to child custody or preserving parental rights in general.