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Judge denies motions in custody case against Chris Brown

| Aug 25, 2016 | Child Custody

R&B fans in Minnesota who have been following the highly publicized custody and child support case involving Chris Brown may be interested in knowing more about the results of a court hearing that took place on Aug. 12. Sources indicate that motions brought against the R&B artist by his child’s mother included a request for full custody, a motion that Brown be required to submit to a drug test, and motions for monitored visitation for Brown and no visitation for Brown’s mother.

All of these motions were denied by the court. In addition, the mother was ordered to reimburse Brown for attorney fees that he had previously paid on her behalf.

The mother was originally seeking an increase in monthly child support from $2,500 to nearly $16,000, but she later recanted this position. In addition to the child support, Brown pays for his child’s nanny fees and health and education bills. Following the hearing, child support and joint custody arrangements remain the same; Brown receives 12 days of unmonitored visitation each month.

Reports suggest that the case has been ongoing for some time. The mother has been accused of being a gold digger on social media by loyal Chris Brown fans who watched the case unfold through the tabloids.

Minnesota parents who find themselves needing to address child custody and support matters while in the midst of dealing with their own emotional turmoil and grief may find it beneficial to seek legal counsel. A skilled attorney might be able to help clients handle a variety of difficult matters while they are feeling challenged by the antagonism of opposing parties.