Social media cautions during the Minnesota divorce process

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Divorce

Social media has become a convenient venue for airing one’s life events and opinions, but during a divorce, such activity could have negative implications. An individual might find that this permanent record of their comments and life activities could affect a his or her divorce proceedings. It is a good idea to consider the legal implications before posting certain types of information.

An individual who is alleging that they are lacking resources to meet a requested level of child support or spousal support payments might find that photos of an exotic vacation or new vehicle could undermine such claims. A parent whose posts suggest a party lifestyle might deal with limited access to their child as such posts are presented to support allegations of poor parenting skills. Activity on a dating site could substantiate a spouse’s claims of infidelity. Because online and smartphone activities can be used as evidence, it is important that individuals be careful of what they post online or send via text or email both before and during a divorce.

The emotional side of social media can also have negative implications for a divorcing party. In addition to potentially affecting relationships, this can affect the privacy of one’s children. Furthermore, engaging in social media activity could be a factor causing depression as an individual views the positive thoughts friends express about their own lives. It may be better to engage in face-to-face communication as one seeks emotional support.

An individual who is contemplating divorce might be influenced by material or activities observed in connection with a spouse’s online accounts. These issues could be discussed with an attorney, and factors such as finance, infidelity or fitness for parenting might be further evaluated as divorce action proceeds.