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To divorce, or not to divorce

When a marriage seems too far gone to save, divorce may be an option worth considering. For instance, a Minnesota spouse who is a domestic abuse victim is generally better off getting out of the relationship. The same is true for those who are involved with someone who is an addict in denial or are with someone who harms their children.

Social media cautions during the Minnesota divorce process

Social media has become a convenient venue for airing one's life events and opinions, but during a divorce, such activity could have negative implications. An individual might find that this permanent record of their comments and life activities could affect a his or her divorce proceedings. It is a good idea to consider the legal implications before posting certain types of information.

Facts about paying child support

Whether they are divorced or were never married, Minnesota parents should know some facts about child support. For those who are unwed, it is important to establish paternity as early as possible so that the child can begin receiving support from the father. A mother who needs to establish paternity may be able to get assistance from the Minnesota Department of Human Services' Child Support Division.

When family law cases require the Hague Convention

Minnesota child custody cases can become incredibly difficult when a children or children are taken out of the country and separated from one parent without permission, but the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction details what happens during international custody matters. More than 90 countries including the United States are signatories to the treaty that deals with wrongful international child abductions.

Fathers often get less time in custody battles

Some fathers in Minnesota may struggle during and after a divorce to get the same rights to their children that mothers do. One way mothers might do this is by using loopholes in the legal agreement to block access to the children or by fighting to take rights away from the father. For example, one father was granted the right to go to school events and medical appointments, but his ex-wife said that she did not have to tell him when those events were scheduled to happen. Fathers who are permitted to attend such events often feel the mother's word carries more weight then theirs.

Making child abuse allegations the focus in a custody dispute

Disputes over legal custody of children can turn ugly. It is not uncommon for Minnesota judges handling custody dispute cases to be confronted by allegations of child abuse against one of the parents. When the allegations are supported by the testimony of the children, parental alienation is frequently raised as a defense. In effect, a parent claims that the children have been manipulated or brainwashed into making false allegations in order to give the other parent an advantage in the case.

Communication can reduce summer stress for divorced parents

Many Minnesota residents are likely happy that the long winter months have drawn to a close and more temperate weather is on the horizon, but this happy time can place divorced parents under a great deal of stress. The long summer school break allows ample time for family vacations as well as other activities, but it can also be a time of animosity and rancor for divorced parents who fail to plan ahead.

Same-sex couples in all states can now adopt children

Minnesota same-sex couples may be interested to learn that a U.S. District Court judge's ruling on Mississippi's same-sex adoption ban has made it legal for couples in all 50 states to adopt children. The judge ruled that, since same-sex marriage in all 50 states was legal, same-sex married couples were entitled to the same rights as other married couples, which includes the ability to adopt.

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