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Yoga guru accused of rape, wife files for separation

There are countless reasons why Minnesota residents file for divorce or legal separation. Perhaps the marriage didn't work due to personality conflicts. Maybe the two spouses had different life goals. Or, as is the case in the legal separation of a famous yogi, one of the spouses became embroiled in a serious criminal scandal.

Underage drinking trend won't change legal severity

With the holidays in full force, many adults will enjoy (or endure) the company of their family and friends while sipping on their favorite seasonal alcoholic drinks. Kids watch their parents and how they enjoy the holidays. Drinking habits can increase a child or teen's temptation to try alcohol. 

Animal abuse is one way batterers keep victims from leaving

Victims of domestic violence often put up with a great deal of abuse for reasons that others may find hard to understand. One of those reasons could be that they fear leaving because they can't flee with their beloved pets and dread the idea of them being subjected to abuse.

What are the penalties for cocaine charges in Minnesota?

Drug crimes in Minnesota can come with some very harsh penalties if you are convicted. In the case of cocaine, the state laws are pretty strict because cocaine is considered a controlled substance. All cocaine-related criminal charges in Minnesota are considered felony charges that carry the possibility of significant time in prison.

Helping domestic violence victims with restraining order issues

All sorts of things can be flying through a person's mind after being exposed to domestic violence. For one, they may be incredibly worried about their own safety and the safety of their children and other members of their family. In such a stressful situation, a person could be tempted to dismiss legal matters as not being very important. However, taking appropriate legal action following a domestic violence incident can be a major part of keeping one's own safety and the safety of one's family protected.

Education and Divorce

A person's education level can affect many things. It might even have impacts when it comes to their relationships. For example, an analysis from National Center for Health Statistics researchers indicates that, for both men and women, having a college education is associated with a higher likelihood of having a long-lasting marriage.

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