Accurate asset valuation can be important in alimony matters too

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2015 | Family Law

One thing that can be of great importance in a divorce is having an accurate valuation of assets. One reason this is the case is that asset value generally plays a big role in property division matters.

In a divorce, the property in the marital estate is divided between the two divorcing spouses. Sometimes, the specifics of which marital assets will go to who are established through an agreement between the two divorcing parties, while other times such specifics end up having to be determined by a court. Whether it is the parties or a court making the property division decision, the values of the various assets in the marital estate often end up being a major guide in the determination of what sort of asset division makes the most sense for a given divorcing couple.

Property division, however, is not the only divorce-related issue where asset value can be impactful. Another such issue is alimony.

Many different factors can be important ones when it comes to the issue of alimony in a divorce. Two such factors are the ability to pay and need. What resources the two divorcing parties have access to can heavily touch on both of these issues. Thus, the value of the assets the divorcing parties have can play a big role in what conclusions are ultimately reached when it comes to the alimony issues of ability to pay and need. This is why accurate asset valuation can be important when it comes to alimony matters.

As this underscores, many different things can have impacts in alimony matters. We here at Groshek Law PA understand how complicated of an issue alimony can be in a divorce and can help our divorce clients navigate the complex legal terrain related to this issue.