DUI charge dismissed against Minnesota state trooper

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2013 | Drunk Driving Defense

A former Minnesota State Patrol trooper — who was accused of driving under the influence on his way to training in Duluth — proved to the general public that anyone can end up facing DUI charges. Recently, he pleaded guilty to careless driving as part of a plea deal. His attorney believes this was a reasonable compromise to the entire ordeal and his hopeful the former trooper will go on to continue a career in law enforcement.

In this case, in return for pleading guilty to careless driving, the drunk driving charge against the state trooper was dismissed.

The St. Louis County judge who oversaw the case sentenced the 30-year-old to 14 months of probation. He also stayed a 90-day jail term.

Looking to the future, while the former trooper may want to re-enter into law enforcement, for right now he is no longer a Minnesota State Patrol trooper. Depending, he may run into some issues when trying to find a job as a police officer.

His story may also resonate with other Minnesota drivers who have been charged with DUI. It goes to show that not only can anyone end up facing DUI charges, but that there are often legal options available, such as plea agreements, which may be able to lessen the penalties.

This is where an attorney with experience handling drunk driving-related cases in Minnesota can step in. This attorney knows the law, the rights of the accused, and will be able to explain different options, such as fighting the charges in court or attempting to have the penalties reduced.

Source: Star Tribune, “Former MN trooper accused of drunken driving pleads guilty to careless driving, DWI dismissed,” June 14, 2013