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Star Tribune interview with Christa Groshek: Mankato coach's child-porn case tests definition of criminal

In the August 30th, 2012 issue of the Star Tribune, Christa Groshek was interviewed regarding the Todd Hoffner child-porn case.  Here is the article by Richard Meryhew:

Mobile DNA testing reveals legal, emotional impacts of paternity

With the prominence of DNA testing on TV and in popular culture, it's almost hard to remember when such services were not widely available to average consumers. Now, paternity testing, using DNA verification, is a financially-viable option for Minnesota parents seeking answers.

FOX 9 NEWS Interviews Christa Groshek on child porn case: MSU charges show "rush to judgement"

On August 27th, 2012 Christa Groshek was interviewed by FOX 9 NEWS.  The interview is regarding the child porn case of Todd Hoffner, the MSU Football coach.  Here is the summary posted on

Not paying child support hurts more than just children

Failing to provide financial support for one's children, even if they are in another parent's custody, is enough on its own to warrant a not-so-nice parental status. However, parents who neglect their child support payments may be hurting more than just their kids. According to a spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, non-paying non-custodial parents are hurting taxpayers as well.

St. Paul Crime Lab Woes Mount: More Embarrassing Revelations

Problems for the troubled St. Paul Crime Lab keep appearing. The storm around the St. Paul Crime Lab began brewing earlier this summer after a Dakota County court challenge revealed the unaccredited facility may have contaminated samples that were tested at the lab with other narcotics.

Fathers, be mindful of what you do during divorce

Many divorcing fathers in Minnesota want to keep in contact with their children but when the split happens, those same men worry about losing custody. Fathers' rights ensure a fair determination process, but this has not stopped the perception that women will likely be the ones placed in full custody of the kids.

'Real Housewife' may be headed to child custody court

Fans of the television show, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," may be familiar with Adrienne Maloof and her plastic surgeon husband, Paul Nassif. The power couple, it seems, has lost its spark. The two have recently confirmed reports that they are indeed filing for divorce. Maloof, who claims to be the more involved parent of their three children, is seeking primary child custody.

Selling Designer Drugs Now a Felony in Minnesota

The fight against synthetic drugs has gotten tougher in Minnesota. Effective August 1st, the sale of bath salts, incense and other synthetic drugs designed to simulate the effects of marijuana is now a felony. Previously it had been only a gross misdemeanor offense.

Grandparents' visitation rights tricky after their kids divorce

In many families throughout Minnesota, grandparents are playing a major role in providing for their grandchildren. According to the AARP, 25 percent of grandparents polled said they spent over $1,000 a year on their grandkids. About 37 percent said they regularly contribute money to help cover the daily cost of living.

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