How can a DUI charge affect your reputation as a professional?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Everyone is susceptible to indulging in a bit of fun from time to time. Regardless of your background, education or professional status, one lapse of judgment can lead to making a poor decision after enjoying a few drinks.

If you receive DUI or DWI charge after a traffic stop, you should consider how this criminal activity will affect your personal and professional record. Depending on the nature of your career, your reputation and overall business could take a serious hit.

Your business might lose customer trust

Records of DUI arrests are available as public information. If you operate a business practice during the course of which clients trust you with very sensitive matters, you might find that some individuals are hesitant to place their faith in you if they see a DUI charge as an indication of recklessness or irresponsibility. Lawyers, doctors, and certain contractors should prepare to navigate these social circumstances after receiving a criminal charge.

Your professional license might face revocation

Beyond simply losing customers, a criminal conviction presents the risk of losing your license and halting your career indefinitely. For example, a lawyer could face disbarment and a teacher might struggle to enter a classroom ever again. You might attend a hearing before the professional board that issues your license to present your case, possibly earning a chance to serve a suspension period before renewing your professional license.

Receiving a DUI conviction, while minor compared to other criminal charges, is a serious matter that can derail your career. You can protect your professional future by building a strong defense against the charges against you.