How to defend against a professional license discipline action

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Professional License Revocation

If Minnesota requires licensure for your profession, you must follow all the rules and requirements as specified by the licensing board. If someone alleges that you failed to follow those guidelines, the board may investigate your practice.

Allegations can range from basic misconduct to criminal acts or ethical missteps. You can lose your license and also face criminal charges.

How should I assert my rights?

The licensing board investigates complaints against individuals accused of wrongdoing in their profession. An investigator will contact you to get information. You should know that the investigator is not your friend. It would help if you prepared to meet with the examiner and provide the requested records. The board might try to get information not related to the specific allegation, though. You can assert your right to limit the investigation to the complaint.

How am I involved with the hearing?

If you have an administrative disciplinary action brought against you, the board will seek a hearing on the matter. You need to attend that hearing and speak up about why the licensing board should not take action against you.

You might face criminal charges for actions associated with your professional license. If criminal charges result in a court hearing, you will need to defend yourself to the judge. You should consider obtaining legal representation to mount the best defense for any legal proceedings.

Your professional license is vital for maintaining your employment or trade. You need to respond to any attacks on your licensure to protect your ability to continue in your profession.