4 fun daycare activities

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Family Law

Though it can be at times demanding, raising children in Minnesota is overall a fun and rewarding experience. Parents and daycare professionals can make the most of their time with their toddlers by coming up with enriching activities. 

These activities are easy for any child guardians to implement, and they help children to develop important skills. 

Wine cork activities

Hands On As We Grow suggests that wine bottle corks make a fun and lightweight toy for children between the ages of three and five. For example, guardians can set up a tower of cups, toy blocks or anything lightweight and have kids try to knock it over by throwing the corks. This helps to improve dexterity and coordination. 

Another fun activity that will teach kids physics is to give them a straw and have them blow the wine cork around. Parents and daycare professionals can even set up an obstacle course for kids to blow the cork through. 

Pom pom crafts

Pom poms are little fuzzy balls that can be found at any craft store. A great art project that stimulates creativity just involves glue and scrap paper, letting the children make their masterpieces out of pom poms. 

Another idea that teaches kids physics and fine motor skills is to make a pom pom balance tree. Using empty paper towel rolls, guardians can make a tower and cut slits along it. 

After gluing bottle caps to the ends of popsicle sticks and gluing the other ends of the sticks into the slits to create “branches,” all the kids need are tweezers and pom poms. Kids can then experiment with placing the pom poms on the branches to make “leaves” and have a good educational laugh when everything eventually falls over.