Amphetamine-related incarcerations on the rise in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2015 | Drug Charges

One of the big things being charged with meth-related crimes causes a person to face is the possibility of imprisonment if convicted.

Convictions related to meth are behind many of the drug-related incarcerations here in Minnesota, and incarcerations related to meth have been going up in the state in recent years, as can be seen in state statistics. In 2014, of all the drug offenders in Minnesota prisons, around 65 percent were individuals convicted of amphetamine-related crimes. Between 2010 and 2014, the number of Minnesota prison beds held by individuals convicted of amphetamine-related offenses ballooned, going from a little over 900 to around 1,735. This increase was one of the driving forces behind the around 40 percent increase that occurred in the number of Minnesota prison beds held by drug offenders of any type over this time period.

Serving prison time for a drug conviction can have vast implications for a person, forever altering their future. Defense attorneys can help individuals accused of amphetamine-related crimes or other drug crimes understand what options they have for trying to avoid prison time.

One of the questions that arises in relation to the sharp rise in meth incarcerations in Minnesota is whether enough is currently being done in the state to get individuals convicted of meth crimes or other crimes proper treatment for drug addiction problems they have. Statistics indicate that, in the 2014 fiscal year, only around of third of newly committed offenders who were eligible for the drug treatment program the state’s Department of Corrections has ended up in the program. What do you think would help get more individuals in the state’s prison system proper addiction treatment?

When struggling with addiction, getting proper treatment can be key to one’s future. In addition to helping with defense strategies, skilled drug crime defense attorneys can also assist individuals who have been accused of meth crimes with looking into what treatment options are available to them for addiction issues they are struggling with and with pursuing such options.

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