Shared child custody can be beneficial for Minnesota kids

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2014 | Child Custody

Can divorce be a gift for Minnesota children? Although many would say that divorce is a negative process that is likely to harm kids, some parents successfully navigate the demands of co-parenting, leading to an excellent life for their children. Adults who survived their parents’ divorce as children say that a few strategies can help grown-ups balance visitation schedules and child custody demands while still contributing to a positive childhood for their youngsters.

One former child of divorce explains that she was able to grow up as a well-adjusted youngster because her parents were respectful to each other. Even though both parents were obviously suffering serious emotional pain because of the divorce, they did not allow family law issues to come between them and their children. Neither spoke about the other in a disparaging way; they understood that the girl needed the support and love of both parents, no matter the situation.

Admittedly, your family life will look different after a divorce. This may mean that you cannot provide your kids with the “perfect” life that you had imagined. Although your nuclear family may not be living together, you can still achieve near-perfection by drafting a useful and appropriate child custody agreement. Kids deserve to spend time with both parents because moms and dads have different life lessons to offer.

Parents who truly want to make the best of their post-divorce relationship with their kids should realize that co-parenting goes beyond simply saying “the divorce was not your fault” and using other empty platitudes. Parents really have to “walk the walk” by showing their love toward their children and committing to serving the best interests of the child. Joint custody situations are not always easy, but kids can emerge from them with valuable life skills for the road ahead.

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