How college students can fight a drug possession charge

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Criminal Defense

If the authorities come across illegal substances in your dorm room, a drug possession charge might be inevitable. In the presence of particularly high quantities, you may even come under suspicion of having the intent to distribute those drugs.

When you share a living space with other students, it can be easy to receive wrongful accusations for possessing substances that do not actually belong to you. Even so, it can be difficult to fight back against a drug possession charge unless you know the options that are available to you.

Assert your rights against wrongful searches

Evidence obtained during a wrongful search and seizure is not admissible during court proceedings. If an officer insists on searching your home, vehicle, or even your dorm room without a valid warrant, then you have the right to contest the use of that evidence. Keep this in mind when interacting with an officer, as you might negate your ability to defend against such evidence if you offer any form of consent to the search.

Know how to navigate a constructive possession accusation

Constructive possession refers to a charge laid against you on the basis that an officer infers that illegal substances belong to you due to the circumstances or location in which they find them. Constructive possession charges arise when the police locate substances in a shared living space or in a vehicle that does not belong to the accused. The evidence against you in a constructive possession case is not entirely solid and provides you an opportunity to better defend yourself.

Receiving a drug charge can put an immediate halt to your college career. Fighting back against such accusations is the best way to protect your future.