Focus on juvenile crime uptick in Twin Cities

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Young offenders, also known as juveniles, have always gotten in trouble, from annoying parents and siblings to more serious problems. Authorities in Minneapolis and St. Paul report more crimes coming from youths in recent years and months.

Many of these crimes involve aggressive acts that could lead to significant penalties and consequences.

Random violent crime growing

A report in the Star Tribune described an escalation in the number of juvenile crimes in the Twin Cities. These encounters included attacks, carjackings, purse snatchings, home robberies and assaults.  Evidence suggests many of these crimes come from young offenders, some as young as thirteen years of age.

This continues an increase in crime in the Twin Cities that goes back at least two years. Statistics show a rise in homicides, gunshot wounds and carjackings from this period. All of this has prompted various ideas on how to stem the increase in crime and how to deal with juvenile defenders.

Potential solutions flourishing

To reduce juvenile crime, leaders in the community have sought solutions from legislation and the court system. Some leaders want prosecutors to “get tougher on crime” and impose harsher sentences on offenders.

Others, according to a CBS News report, point to the closing of juvenile detention centers in the area. This argument states that young people understand that the lack of facilities will lead to a quick release without any significant consequences. Some proponents of detention centers say they provide meaningful intervention for juveniles.

The uptick in juvenile crime in the area puts young people at risk in a variety of ways. Strong solutions will look at the best interests of the community and young people.